Published: March 16, 2020

Guidance and Support Message – Covid-19 – to Learners and Employers

An update to our learner and employers on Avant Skills Academy's response to the Covid19 pandemic

Covid-19 [Coronavirus] has been declared a pandemic, the risk level to the UK has been raised to high and the UK Government and health authorities are expecting a surge in cases of Coronavirus.  Major disruption to businesses is predicted.  We would like to reassure you that we have undertaken a risk assessment and put a robust business continuity plan in place to cover a variety of scenarios.

A number of our staff already work from home at some time during a normal working week, with all our staff having equipment to enable remote access to our systems to support home working.  Product development and testing, company finance, data migration and IT monitoring and maintenance will not be disrupted by self-isolation of staff or by mandatory home working. 

As a company, we use cloud communication tools for messaging and video conferencing extensively so do not envisage any breakdown in communications.  We will be able to utilise this to support learners individually and, subject to an escalation of the virus and potential lock down, can facilitate remote group sessions if necessary. This will reduce the impact of the pandemic on the learning and development of skills and knowledge with our learners and employers.   We want to continue to provide the learning and development through a variety of means, including virtual sessions, online assessments and setting of assignments as required.

All of our learners and employers have access to our e-portfolio 'OneFile', which can be accessed to support off-the-job training. 

In the event that government guidance suggests restricting business travel, our sales and training teams will, if appropriate, honour any existing commitments but may reduce booking further on-site visits.  

We hope you all stay safe over the coming weeks and accept that in extreme circumstances we will be working hard to ensure our service remains available and responsive.

The following links will take you to further advice about the latest information in relation to Covid-19:

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