Published: September 03, 2020

Hairdressing Apprentices achieve End-point Assessment

With a 100% pass rate, Avant Skills Academy leads the way in Grimsby for Hair Professional Apprentices

Avant Skills Academy are delighted to announce that their first three Hairdressing Apprentices undertaking the new rigorous End Point Assessment all passed with flying colours!

The journey to End Point assessment for the apprentices has not been straight forward with their initial assessment day in April being postponed due to COVID-19 and their salons being closed. However, with the support of Avant and their Salon owners, all the apprentices continued practising their skills on training blocks and family they live with.

Paul Robinson, Head of Business Development, at Avant Skills Academy said “Most apprentices across the country have had a challenging time during the pandemic with the stopping of face to face training sessions. However, these hairdressing apprentices continued to practice online with theory and practical sessions through Avant. And while other apprentices had been given adjustments to complete their end-point assessments, hairdressers had to wait to complete their End-point assessments in full without any relaxations or using teacher assessed grades”

 All three apprentices completed the 6-hour End-point Assessment in August with the news coming through in early September that they had all passed and become fully qualified Hair Professionals

We would like to say congratulations to Eliane, Elle and Lauren for achieving an outstanding result in difficult circumstances and to their salons, Fringe Benefits, Gaff’etts and Maxwells for the support that they have given to their apprentices.

All three apprentices are now hoping to progress on to the level 3 Apprenticeship - Advanced and Creative Hair Professional to help support their businesses through this challenging time.

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