Published: February 04, 2019

Matrix Assessment Result

We are extremely please to confirm that we continue to meet the matrix standard.

We are extremely please to confirm that we continue to meet the matrix standard.

The Matrix Standard is a unique quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services, which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals

The Matrix assessor was extremely complimentary of the organisation, the team and the work that we do.

We not only meet the standard, but there were real areas of strength and good practice. Leadership and management, staff commitment and our professionalism were all praised, as was our effective engagement with partner organisations. 

Leadership and Management –

  • Consistent messages from staff and partners emerged that leadership was clear, consultative and supportive.
  • Staff felt lead, developed and clearly reviewed in terms of their targets. Staff also fed back that they had opportunities to take on projects and develop areas of the business and that they were encouraged to undertake CPD.
  • Consistent feedback from staff and documentary evidence demonstrated Avant’s capacity to take cognisance of the market and undertake horizon scanning to future proof the company and lead in an informed direction.

Partnership and external promotion work –

  • Feedback from partners was extremely positive describing Avant as a high functioning, high quality deliverer that is reliable and consistent. They described Avant as an organisation that is committed to quality and fostering good relationship.
  • Honesty, responsiveness and being straightforward were terms that partners consistently used when describing Avant.
  • The development and increase of marketing, networking and promotion to partners is notable and has had a positive impact on generating business. Partners described Avant as having a good reputation and profile and noted that learners spoke very positively about their experience.

“Avant are great to work with. They are straightforward and honest and keep us up to   date regularly” (Partner)

“They are quick to respond and consistent” (Partner)

“They have helped me develop my work, influenced how we work and are a huge            support” (Partner)


Service Delivery –

  • Clients fed back that: the service was bespoke to their learning style; that staff were very engaging and motivating; that the content of the teaching was interesting and developmental.
  • Avant have adopted a highly diagnostic approach with a focus on really preparing individual learners for work, job hunting and skills development. Clients fed back they felt very supported in the development in employability skills
  • Staff conveyed they were highly committed to the role and delivering the best service to the learners and partners. Strong team work emerged through interviews with staff.

“I’m really glad I came here, they have really helped me work out what want to do”            (Client)

“I felt the staff really cared about me” (Client)

“We had a very tailored programme, our group was confident about what we were doing” (Client)

Other positive comments in the report, included the following:

Service delivery is of a high quality and has been identified as a strength. Clients fed back that the teaching, training and (IAG) they received was excellent and that staff were highly supportive and informed.

Clients fed back that staff went above and beyond their role to ensure they were supported and that teaching and IAG was tailored to their individual learning style.

Clients fed back that they were highly satisfied with their experience and struggled to identify significant areas of improvement despite being regularly asked, noting that, “This is so much better than being at college, you are treated as a person here” (Client)


Leadership and management has been cited as strength. Staff fed back that they contribute to the design and direction of the service. Staff felt supported but also felt they have freedom to use their initiative.

Marketing and promotion is effective, timetabled and well planned. Clients could cite a variety of promotional activities that led them to Avant.

Excellent partnership links and networks exist and have been identified as a strength.

This was a great achievement, a result of the hard work of the dedicated team.

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