Published: March 19, 2020

NEW Updated Message - COVID 19

Updated message to our learners and employers on Avant Skills Academy's response to the Covid19 pandemic

As an independent training provider, we have to comply with the same requirements for schools and colleges, as advised by the secretary of state for education.  As a result, from 09:00 on Monday 23 March 2020 we cannot deliver face to face group sessions in the centre.

We will be applying the contingency arrangements outlined in our previous email, with the aim to ensure the learning and development of our apprentices and learners is not disrupted during this challenging time.

We will, therefore, move to remote delivery of group and individual sessions, progress reviews and learner support. All our staff have access to equipment to facilitate this, which will ensure apprentices and learners continue to receive the teaching and training to develop their knowledge and skills.

These arrangements will continue until the government advise otherwise, we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you up to date with any further developments.

Our Programme Tutor Assessors are having individual conversations with all employers and learners, to assure you of the continued training and support and agreeing the most appropriate approach for you.

If you have any queries, please contact a member of the team

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