Hair Professional Apprenticeship

Are you a cut above the rest?

Hairdressing Apprenticeships in Grimsby


Who is the Apprenticeship for?

This Apprenticeship is ideal for people that are new to the industry or experienced employees who are looking to get their skills and knowledge formally recognised with a professional qualification.

If you are considering this apprenticeship then these skills and qualities will be of benefit to you:

  • Good practical skills
  • Creativity
  • Customer service and 'people' skills
  • An understanding and tactful approach
  • An awareness of fashion
  • Willingness to learn new techniques and methods
  • An awareness of health and safety issues

What you will learn?

You will learn to shampoo and condition hair, cut hair using a range of techniques, style and finish hair to create a variety of looks, and colour and lighten hair.

You will also learn to work with all hair types ranging from straight hair to very curly, wiry hair. You will learn to carry out consultations with clients, demonstrate the professionalism, values, behaviours, communication skills and safe working practices associated with the role and be able to work without supervision to a high level of precision, with exceptional client care skills.

How will you learn?

You will attend Avant Skills Academy on a weekly basis where our Programme Tutor Assessors (PTAs) deliver high-quality face-to-face to learning to ensure you have the knowledge, practical skills and behaviours required to achieve your apprenticeship.

As part of the apprenticeship you will complete the Diploma for Hair Professionals which consists of the following units:

  • Consultation
  • Shampoo, condition and treat the hair and scalp
  • Cut hair using a range of techniques to create a variety of looks
  • Style and finish hair using a range of techniques to create a variety of looks
  • Colour and lighten hair using a range of techniques 

You will also complete one of the following optional units:

  • Perming Hair
  • Hair relaxing treatments and techniques

At the end of the apprenticeship, you will be required to undertake an End Point Assessment (EPA) which consists of a practical assessment and oral questioning. These assess your professionalism, values, behaviours, communication, safe working practices and consultation skills.

Progression Routes

Your career starts with the apprenticeship and it doesn't stop there! Your apprenticeship can lead you on to:

  • Cruise Ship Hairdresser
  • Product Trainer
  • Senior Stylist
  • Salon Manager
  • Artistic Director
  • TV/film Stylist
  • Media theatre stylist

Check out the Hairdressing Career Paths for yourself here

How to Apply

We are accepting applications for our Hair Professional Apprenticeship now, with the programme starting in Summer 2020. Places are limited, if you would like to apply you can register your interest here, email or call for an application pack.

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