Inexperienced today, expert tomorrow.... With an Apprenticeship you really can get the career you want.

Our Apprentices learn and develop the knowledge and skills required to become competent and valued employees, enabling them to progress in their career

As employees, Apprentices earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Apprentices receive training to achieve nationally recognised qualifications. This is usually a mix of on- and off-the job training (at your place of work and at your Apprenticeship Provider premises) and maybe undertaken on a day release basis. Anyone living in England, over 16 and not in full time education can apply*.

Apprenticeships can take between one and four years to complete depending on the type of Apprenticeship chosen, the Apprentices ability and the industry sector.   If you are not already employed and paid a wage, the National Minimum Wage for an Apprentice is currently £3.70 per hour. However, many Apprentices can earn significantly more.  If you are already employed, prior to commencing your Apprenticeship, your wage amount will not be affected.

As a partnership we can offer you an Apprenticeship in a wide range of Apprenticeship Frameworks including:

  • Administration
  • Barbering
  • Building and Construction
  • Business Management
  • Customer Service
  • Hairdressing
  • Health and Social Care

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* Eligibility criteria apply