We are very proud of the partnership and our delivery partners.

"Contracting, performance review and evaluation of delivery partners are highly effective". Ofsted 2016

We have a robust due diligence process that ensures that our partnership is built on quality.  Our systems and support reduces burdens and develops partners to maximise contracts and achieve outstanding success.  

"The effectiveness of leadership and management is good". Ofsted 2016
"Each delivery partner was very enthusiastic about the support you provide" Ofsted 2016

Our partnership offers provision in a wide range of sectors to young people and adults both employed and unemployed. It is our vision to offer provision across all sectors meeting the needs of the local employer base.

"The vibrant partnership that you lead has enabled delivery partners to grow and offer new programmes to meet changing employment needs". Ofsted 2016

Our delivery partners remain autonomous, and the support, development and communication provided by Avant to the partnership ensures value for money with our use of management information, staff development and bulk buying approaches.

Interested in being a delivery partner?

We are inundated with requests to become part of our partnership and whilst we welcome all requests, we must consider the provision that is being offered and the fit with the existing partnership. Current delivery partners utilise our existing budget and growth is based on demand and need for delivery.

Due to this, we are currently not looking to enter into any new subcontracting arrangements with new delivery partners.